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Tjerck Claessen DeWitt in Court


From Fort Orange and Beverwyck Court Minutes 1652-1656:


Tuesday, February 1, 1656

Johan de Deckere, ex officio plaintiff, against Tierck Claesen, defendant.
He demands that the defendant be fined sixteen guilders for having fought
last Sunday with Willem Tellier and killed a goat of Sander Leendertsz.
The court, having heard the defendant's confession, condemns him to pay a
fine of two and a half beavers.

Idem, plaintiff, against the same defendant, for having been found last Sunday in the company of the Lutherans, performing divine service, contrary to the ordinance issued against it. Demands therefore that he be fined fl.6.

The court, having heard the confession of the defendant, condemns him to pay the fine demanded.


Note that the above record pre-dates his marriage to Barbara Andriessen.


From Early Records of Albany


Lease of a house from Tierck Claessen to Arent Jansen Appel

Appeared before me, Johannes La Montague, in the service of the General Chartered West India Company commissary at Fort Orange and the village of Beverwyck, Tierck Claesen, who declared that he had leased, as he hereby does lease, his house lying in the village of Beverwyck, for the term of one year beginning on the first of May 1659 and ending next year 1660, to Arent Isacksz, burgher and inhabitant of the city of Amsterdam in New Netherland, for the sum of two hundred guilders in good, merchantable beavers at eight guilders apiece; on condition that the lessor shall raise the ground behind the house and make a stoop in front of the house, the lessee being bound to pay each half year one-half of the aforesaid sum; for which the parties bind their persons and estates, real and personal, present and future. Thus done in Fort Orange, in presence of Jan Willemsz and Cornelis Teunissen, witnesses, the 20th of November Ao. 1658.

Tierck Claesse De Witt Arent Isackxen Van Den Huock
This is the X mark of Jan Willemsz
This is the X mark of Cornelis Teunesen

Acknowledged before me,
La Montagne, Commissary at Fort Orange


From Albany County Records


Appeared before me, Johannes La Montagne, in the services of, etc, in the presence of the honorable Goosen Gerritse [Van Schnick] and Jan Tomassen, commissioners, etc, Harmen Tomassen [Hun, or Van Amersfort], husband and guardian of Catarina Bercx, widow of Dirk Bensingh deceased, who declares that he has granted and conveyed, as by these presents he does grant and convey to Tjerck Claessen De Wit his heirs or assigns, a lot lying in the village of Beverwyck; bounded to the south by Lambert Van Neck, to the north by Hans Coenraetse [Backer] and to the west by the street; length ten rods and breadth two rods three feet, which lot the grantor's predecessor [Bensingh] received by conveyance from Michiel Ryckertsen, of date the 29 April, Ao. 1656; and the grantor acknowledges that he is fully paid and satisfied for the purchase and transfer of the same, and therefore, promises to free the same from all claims, demands or pretensions, which may hereafter arise, pledging therefor his person and estates, real and personal, present and future, and submitting himself to all laws and judges.

Done in Fort Orange the 28th of May, 1663.
Harmen Tomasse. Goosen Gerretsen,
Jan Tomasse.
Acknowledged before me,
La Montagne, Commis at Fort Orange



From The Dutch Records of Kingston

Ordinary Session, held Tuesday, November 20, 1663.
Present: Roelof Swartwout, Schout; Albert Gysbertsen, Thomas Chambers,
Gysbert van Imborch, Commissaries.

The Schout, Roelof Swartwout, presents this complaint against Tjerck Claesen de Wit, reading, according to his understanding, as follows:
Whereas, Aeltje Wygerts and Albert Gysbertsen have complained to me that on November 13, Tjerck Claesen, armed with a drawn knife, openly quarreled in his house, acting as if he wished to kill every man, woman and child, I therefore, on this complaint, inform the Court of the matter, and also decide to exclude him for the present from the Bench, until he shall have cleared himself of the charge, and shall have been declared cleared by the Honorable Court. The advice of the Commissaries is requested herein.

The Honorable Court orders that, whereas, Tjerck Claesen de Wit has already amicably settled the above matter with his accuser, Albert Gysbertsen, and they have come to an agreement regarding it, he shall remain away from the Bench until he shall have settled and adjusted this matter with the Schout.

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